Sunday, September 19, 2010

You're an island and my ship is running ground.
Every single day that I can breathe you change my philosophy.

You know, you're the one i can trust & tell everything.
you know life is no nintendo game but you insist on playing around & that makes me whole.
you cannot pause nor delete. you know me well & i cannot object.
they say, eyes can kill. Don't they know words do the same too?
cause when you want to scream inside a hole then there's nothin more sad than the sound comin' right back against you.
cause we're all alone & we want to see each other in pain & suffocation.

we never blame ourselves, we're the ones, the no-ones.
let us talk about love & caring. In school and in roads while we're comin' from bars late at midnight.

Cause we are the midnight youth and you can do nothing about it.
things feel so soft and you can't be that rough when it comes to realise that you're just a human.
just a human.
Cause i can tell you everything but the future.

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