Saturday, September 18, 2010

& there's no end

I'm sorry you get all this through without my being on your side.

but no matter how much i ignore what i've built so far,
no matter if i think this was so fuckin right,
no matter who you are,
you've to dig deep in your soul and mind and you can possibly if not surely, find the confidence not to hide.
my colour in the crowd.
to be proud of your height, your beliefs and decisions, your head and your stomach.
to be aware of who you are and where you can fly. you know, there's no limit to the sky.
and for now, i may be broken but tell me, how many out there are equaly broken.. and their words are not spoken.
The point is, if you're goin' to swim or not. You're goin to become strong or lazy for new lives?
My stomach really feels in pain. Devil inside. But it's the only way to be human enough.
And i'm gonna swim as long as it takes to get there, my arms will be my weapons
and i'll find my own hapiness in what i've built.
I'm more than my scars. My mouth speaks a language you will never recognise.
I have pure fire inside of me and i'm gonna spread it all way loud.

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