Sunday, September 18, 2011

headlock air

i want to drown into your knees
and never let you back.
i have my back-up half saved but i wish i never use it in front of my heart
i've got my pencil and my today's shame.
i've got you and all the world's probably shame.
shattering glass and a half empty plus.
the words you could have saved are privilaged to my home
and there's no home
there's no home.
heartless home without your being on my door.
and i've got my back-up half saved.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

example of words.

Can't explain
Nor can I contain
You have on my soul
It's all I do I
Baby dream of you
I'm falling down
When you're around

You're the only one
I'm so wrapped up in a daze
Hoping this is just a faze
But when all is said and done
I know you are still the one

Cupid's bow it stung
Now you're the only one

Is what this is to me
I'm giving up
I'm having no luck

Like a ghost
The one that I love most
She disappears
When I get near.

[The black keys - The only one]

Saturday, September 3, 2011


some kind of disperate need to be loved
my only excuse of self and eyes
my only half insurance
and my only left desire.
could you be anymore longer
or less than i saw it had been.
could you be.
leave you cold
mess you've made your own
here's the consolation that will change your heart and mind
cure for no real sickness
supermarket Jesus comes with smiles and lies
justice he delays is always justice he denies.
every touch is sacred.
make you love again
make you, love again