Tuesday, April 16, 2013


[the pattern of "the good-old-days"]

Well, this pattern is widely over-used by people.
We encounter a time problem.
People are used to image time
(people have the tremendous need to picture everything "not tangible" as "tangible")
as a road line or even a ruler.
They can feel that the ruler-level 1 or 2 is different from 10 or 23
but they don't know the difference
they don't speak about it.
1 to 10
or 2 to 23
there are cm between these spots
there goes the difference•
You're the cm
and you expand or minimize the lasting ruler.
And there goes my difference
among you in plural•
You're just feeling time
like it's passing
and changes the world
But I'm expanding my time
so as I can meet every centimeter of me.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Not a saddy one.

She's experiencing a different kind of sadness
somehow it introduces her to everything and everyone with a gesture
which you'll find awkward or even anti-normal
but sexy enough.
I bet you'll find it enhacing to over-cloud her sadness
with gestures of caring
and with gestures of thousand affairs
but she'll be only there to smoke a few times before you'll notice she'll be gone.
She's all these magnetic-ending songs
you sing in your car
or even in an underground bar.
And forever she chooses this kind of self
and she fuckin'-for-sure knows,
she deserves more than a love-poem.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Οσο κι αν αγαπας το ρεαλισμο σου
δες ποσο περιεργα θα ερωτευτεις ο,τι σε αποκοβει εμμεσα απο αυτον.