Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wasted or not.

Whatever we may go through
whatever our home-story is•
I know what you want and I know what you wish.
Whether you're wasting time in the late nights
whether you're reading a treatful book
whether your music is kinda growing into your soul
whether you're staying always indoors
then I've got a big line full of waters to tell
and I know what you want.
People shouldn't be strangers
I do know you don't like being around with strangers
you're a meeting maniac•
when strangers finally meet each other
come to see,
you're a love maniac
I know, I know what you want•
it cannot be said but I see it in every thing I meet.
someone or something
is calling for love
love, whether you're wasted or not, is what you're needing
in verbs full of present, continuous, plural•
among million of meanings
you should mean only this one.

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