Thursday, January 10, 2013

about me

I am a tendency
and I usually tend to beat
above my clear morning
in my room again
sleeping eyes and crossing feet•
I am a tendency and I tend to breathe
the mornings
the nights
the details
they all leave some scars upon me
and I've got no idea sometimes why I am like this.
My chest is fire, it is on fire and I've got nothing weak there or at least I pretend.
I love supposing and smoking at the same time
I have a love to admire and full of suspense.
People with bright smiles excite me
people with eyes capable of love.
I may sometimes be bad but most of the times I'm very good.
Lastly, I have a word for every time you get tired. I use my beating watch.
As clocks swing you round and round their wise will
know that
clocks exist only if you time them correctly
and you wouldn't even exist without them.

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