Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Bad Happening

What about those named to be the crazy people?
It's already sad.
It's the talk of the town.
Around here you know and you've searched a lot, there's no peace of mind.
It's like we've delivered our parcels but holding on for someone else to open it
because we know baby what kind of parcel we are.
And we know baby, we know
but holding for another one to find out.
No wonder now, how crazy people happen to become truly often ashamed of theirselves.
What if nobody comes, where is your proud smile baby?
Come for a walk and you'll see hundreds of them
hanging the last re-borning hope•
have they ever felt loving tunes?
it's not the way mothers love their child
it should be clear that
there should have been a reason we were born
a thing we're greatly good at.

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