Monday, March 19, 2012

feelings according to you.

Well, there was a time before today's evening that i could swear
that love was totally mine
and forever mine.
in songs and poems i could find everything i need.
in houses and red faces
in insecure places.
oh too much noise
but there was a time when words were spoken only by your time.
and your time was everything to me. meaningful time.
we may smile
with a fear of loss in every glance.
what can we do?
wait million years and die.
we don't humiliate
we're forever unknown animals in seeking of love.
the thing is, we're still animals.
no-one may obey
no-one is innocent by the way.
oh world doesn't afford our love. not now, not anymore.
we are built for heaven, we are built for something more genuine.

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