Monday, October 10, 2011

Type me, show me all of your powers.

really surprising smiles, inside the uprising morning of nothing.
and i have to wait for really nothing but i really wanna be something.
the point is clear indeed.
it's her vision on me. her something on me, her whispers on me, the air that melted inside my sleepy ear
tonight and every now and then.
in fact, reality is never too bad. my pen needs to be,
making it more touchable to my mind
cause i have nothing
without bad reality.
in a casual dress
ordinary down-town man,
hateful indeed.
bored to death indeed.
i've got a word and i need to make it seem less romantic than it should pretend to be
for me, we will always become useless men
because in my heart, i can only express letters and fearful faiths.
cause i've known you all my life.

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