Saturday, December 11, 2010

The planets bend between us

abandon the lights.
my friends seem happy tonight.
be on alert cause crimes are dangerous in town's nights.
your eyes on fire. they steal some solar grace.
and it's red. painting roads, walls of death. but i'm not afraid. i may love consequences of love.
i may love the way it's becoming blue outside.
your eyes on fire.
we're born to set free in death. in the name of it i'm still under my body.
body beats you. myself against you.
enemies and clocks. we bought some scars and we still collect them all
in illustrations of rain.
your eyes on fire, again.


vassotab said...

Έμεινες Αθήνα τελικά; Απ΄ό,τι βλέπω και διαβάζω τα περνάς μια χαρά. Καλή ξεκούραση!!!

hristiana said...

Ναι Αθηνα! Ειναι ομορφα δεν μπορω να πω..
Ευχαριστω πολυ, το ιδιο ευχομαι και σε εσας!